The Gore Lab has published a study demonstrating that mutualisms can break down in less challenging environments (Aug 2016)

PLS faculty Jeremy England and Jorn Dunkel both received a Scholar Award in Complex Systems from the McDonnell Foundation. (Aug 2016)/a>

The Gore Lab has published a study demonstrating that bacteria can form a mutualism to grow in multi-drug environments. (May 2016)

Nikta Fakhri and collaborators have published a study demonstrating how biological systems violate detailed balance at the mesoscale. (Apr 2016)

The PLS group has recruited Choongman Lee, Jinghui Liu, Junang Li and Jeremy Owen for the incoming class of graduate students.(Apr 2016)

The Gore Lab has published a paper demonstrating self-organized formation of patches within cooperatively growing microbial populations. (Jan 2016)

The PLS group has recruited Sarah Marzen as a PLS Postdoctoral Fellow starting Fall 2016.

MIT News Faculty Highlight: Ibrahim Cisse (Sept, 2015)

The PLS group has recruited Todd Gingrich and Alexander Solon as the inaugural PLS Postdoctoral Fellows. (Jan 2015)

The Physics Department successfully recruited Nikta Fakhri, who joined as an Assistant Professor in Jan 2015!

Ibrahim Cisse has been awarded a New Innovator Award from the NIH! (Oct, 2014)

Leonid Mirny was elected a Fellow of APS for “For elucidating principles of protein-DNA search, and for applying concepts and methods of polymer physics to characterize the three dimensional organization of genome within a cell.”

The Department is pleased to announce that Ibrahim Cisse joined the faculty in Jan 2014!

Prof. England featured by Quanta magazine for his work probing the thermodynamics of life. (1/22/14)

Prof. Mirny among scientists that find loops of DNA are key to tightly packing genetic material for cell division. (11/7/13)

Jeremy England finds that E. coli replicate close to thermodynamic limits of efficiency. (8/27/13)

Gore Lab finds that cheaters lessen colony survival under stress in yeast experiment (5/1/13)

Prof. Chakraborty’s work on “Hacking HIV” featured in Technology Review (4/23/13)

Prof. Mirny’s group demonstrates that some mutations slow cancer growth (2/4/13)

Prof. Gore is awarded an NIH New Innovator Award (9/13/12)

Prof. England named to the Forbes 30 under 30 (12/19/11)

Prof. Kardar elected to AAAS (4/20/09)